Floral Joy

Wonhee Ryu


My collection started with capturing a short moment of emotions, expressing a shining moment- I always tell everyone to be happy and also myself to be happy. Thinking back, the ‘happy’ moment has been just left as a passing moment of one’s life. I want to express this short moment with shining splashing flowers and fireworks, which I feel like it expresses and shows that moment. Creating a big ‘Bouquet’ with flowers has always been the most attractive object in my life and makes me very happy. Using a variety of colors, fabrics, embroidery, beading, emotions and shapes combined together I want to express and create one big ‘Bouquet’ through my garments . Just one flower has a big power which can show complete perfection of beauty itself. All the small moments of my life come together and are shown in my garments as one big bouquet. When I think about all the moments, I am creating my own fantastical scenery that runs alongside classical music and all the happy moments I imagine in my head. Flowers, and the bouquet brings back my childhood memories- The scent of flowers, and childhood bedtime stories which take me to another fantasy.