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High Keys

Happy Holidays Everyone, wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year as well! The year has passed after its ups and downs, positives and not so positive days, but we as humanity has survived and thrived against all odds against the pandemic.

Lots of creative work created and published in the last twelve months. We are very proud of our first year of publication and thanks to all contributors, our editors, creatives and the team.


In this issue in our cover story Lazin Magazine has exclusively collaborated with The Great British Garden Fashion Show and showcasing Lily Rivera Bridal photographed and curated by our very own AB. Lily’s work has superior craftsmanship, quality fabrics, hand details that give the feel and look of unsurpassed luxury without breaking the bank.

Then we have some beautiful photography from all across the globe which needs to be greatly appreciated and admired. DCC has adorned these pages with the suffragettes and great live illustration art.

Kids’ Fashion Trends

Welcome to Lazin Teen, Tween and Kids Magazine for November 2021.

This is a great issue with lovely photography and we have tried to keep closer to children—make it colourful, little bit silly, some toys and cute kids fashion to amuse you. We have taken utmost care around image selection and we hope you like the diversity and culture from whatever was available to us.

Thank you to all of you, your kindness and attention, we adore you dear contributors and readers. With your effort it has been possible to issue this edition after six weeks delay mostly due to regulatory issues. We are pleased that those have been taken care of.

Art & Fashion

After Fashion Forever here is a gorgeous art and fashion mix with DCC inspired art, design and photography lavishly featured throughout the issue. Janet, Matt & Co at DCC supported by global Fashion Illustration community runs wild in this edition with beautiful designers, sets and photography.

In our cover story Lazin Magazine has exclusively collaborated with The Great British Garden Fashion Show and will be showcasing some global talent with extensive intricate designs of Miashan and Saba Asad photographed and beautifully curated by our very own AB.