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The cover story for November is dedicated to dazzling and incredible Paris Fashion Air Event during Paris Fashion Week. We met some exclusive and exceptional designers presenting their gorgeous collections over a two days wonderful event. We certainly see this new fashion event gaining traction in the coming months and year and will certainly be supporting them in their endeavours to go onwards and upwards.

Welcome to the Lazin Magazine October 2023 issue.
The cover story for this issue is dedicated to dazzling and incredible Brisbane Fashion Festival from Down Under covered by our very own Richard Smith an exceptional human being and fellow creative. There are some wonderful brands and designers who presented at the festival, those include Astille, Rachel Burke, Camargue, Carla Zampatti, Gail Sorronda, Gina Kim, Ginger & Smart, Akheel, Sonia Stradiotto, Sacha Drake, Shilo Lydia and so many more.


Summer is leaving us soon, Fashion Weeks are all around, anticipation, invitations and so much fashion will be in town.
The cover story for this issue is dedicated to FFIN Eyewear designed by wonderful Ana in Wales and produced in Italy with some glorious portraiture photography from our creative director. Special mention of this month’s inspiring cover by our design team.


Welcome to the June edition of Lazin Magazine. We have some amazing stories to tell, gorgeous images to show and some thoughts for your reflection.

Highlight of this issue is a great submission from Alex of a celebrity led Hugo Boss’ incredible show during New York Fashion Week.

Fashion – Art – Design – Photography

  • Pièce de Résistance
    Paris Fashion Air Event October 2023 Paris Fashion Air is more than just a fashion show. It is a dynamic fashion platform that includes a range of events, from runway… Read more: Pièce de Résistance
  • Sindhi Couture
    Sustainable Fashion, London Beautiful Soft Cotton Lawn Textiles World’s Best Ajraks made in Sindh – on Finest Cotton Fabrics Natural Dyes, Fair Wages, Ethically Resourced www.Moomal.UK Moomal is a brand… Read more: Sindhi Couture
  • South Asia Visual Art Focus
    Pakistani Visual Art Talent There were few beautiful exhibition of young and established creative visual art talent in Pakistan. In the Gallery below we discover some of them. This was… Read more: South Asia Visual Art Focus
  • Pinnacle
    Urban Impressions Yield Gallery Event “Urban Impressions,” hosted by Yield Gallery, currently showcases urban and contemporary art, uniting some of the genre’s most influential and inventive artists. The exhibition seeks… Read more: Pinnacle
  • Bedazzling Brisbane
    Reporting and Photography by Richard Smith Astille – Rachel Burke – Camargue – Carla Zampatti – Gail Sorronda – Gina Kim – Ginger & Smart – Akheel- Sonia Stradiotto –… Read more: Bedazzling Brisbane
  • Transforming Dreams
    Pepi at Posh Lines Fashion Designer Beautifully captured by AB Posh Lines: Bringing together fashion, home, and studio services, Posh Lines offers unique textile solutions for fashion apparel and the… Read more: Transforming Dreams
  • Witching Hour
    Birgit Lechner Support Actor Henry Cavill as the Witcher – AI Art Creation AB using SDXL Birgit absolutely loved working as an SA (support artist) on the Netflix show The… Read more: Witching Hour
  • AI Dream
    Seismic Change in the Creative World Are We Ready? Here is a Positive version of the future suggested by AI AI is a powerful technology that has the potential to… Read more: AI Dream
  • DCC Art
    In September 2023 Issue we have featured some amazing visual artist who participates at DCC platform. Here are their artwork presented in signature Lazin style: Enjoy!
  • Masters of the Universe
    Drawing Couture Cabaret World Class Performance Art Production Company Drawing Cabaret Couture also known as DCC Studios is a London based production team who specialises in creating high fashion films… Read more: Masters of the Universe
  • Drama Queen
    Beril Oktem Fashion Designer ‘As a designer, I am constantly striving to create the perfect balance between structure and drama while infusing a touch of romance into each piece to… Read more: Drama Queen
  • La Femme Mystique
    Ami Benton – J’adore La Vie High Fashion Performance Art “Bring it to the runway”- Ru PaulIntroducing ‘ La Femme Mystique’ a high fashion act performed by agency model, professional… Read more: La Femme Mystique

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