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Here is one of our favourite issues, it has been a delight to create this and adorn with so much talent.
Cover story is the culture phenomenon called Dune Part Two, the movie has resurrected cinema and visit to crowded places for enjoyment, it is beautifully gorgeous no expense spared better in every way done and we absolutely adore it. We are very grateful to the amazing event photography talent of Picture Capital and See Li for capturing the Dune II PR event for Lazin.

February is here is fashion season is once again upon us (exasperated faces! You exclaim – When is not a ‘fashion season, month, day or moment’)

On our cover is gorgeous French Caribbean incredible Laetitia beautifully adorned by Morgan Dee and gracefully draped by none other than Moomal Fabrics. It was an incredible day in Lazin Studios in London and Laetitia flew all the way from Paris to create this magical session. We are very grateful to all involved.

Happy New Year to all our wonderful participating artists, designers, producers, PR, photographers, models, curators, directors. Wishing a wonderful and creatively successful year ahead.

The cover for our first issue to the new year is a brilliant designer Hector Maclean and a super versatile creative Megan Shears. These amazing designs and images were captured at Lazin Studios in London with the kind assistance from Skye and Jenny.


Welcome to the Lazin Magazine Devious December 2023 issue.

The cover story for this issue is dedicated to the year that was 2023 and how devious devil December has sneaked up on us. Alexandra Okandzi graced Lazin Studio supported by Lydia Ario. Karunas was very generous in providing their apparel for AB to shot an absolutely gorgeous wide angle set for all of us to enjoy. It is then adorned by some amazing succinct deep soul etchings from poeticframe’s quill.


Fashion – Art – Design – Photography

  • Resurrection
    Exclusive content on Dune Part Two Movie featuring Zendaya as Chani, Anya Taylor-Joy as Alia Atreides, Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides, Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan, Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck
  • Spiritual Art Fusion
    Renowned West London-raised artist Lisa East reflects her spiritual beliefs through organic, narrative art from her Wimbledon studio. Celebrated by the Saatchi Gallery, her mixed medium pieces, priced £5,000-£90,000, are commissioned globally, resonating aesthetically and spiritually with admirers.
  • Sindhi Couture
    Moomal is a London-based sustainable fashion brand featuring the finest Ajrak block-printed textiles from Sindh, Pakistan. Employing natural dyes on cotton lawn, it ensures fair wages and ethical sourcing. Moomal melds traditional techniques with modern style, promoting eco-friendly practices and supporting local craftsmanship in its unique, culturally rich offerings.
  • TEM Time
    TEMRAZA Fashion Designer TEMRAZA, a beacon of Egyptian fashion excellence for the past 13 years, has firmly established itself as a dominant force in the industry, striving to place Egypt… Read more: TEM Time
  • South Asia Visual Art Focus
    Pakistani Visual Art Talent There were few beautiful exhibition of young and established creative visual art talent in Pakistan. In the Gallery below we discover some of them. This was… Read more: South Asia Visual Art Focus
  • Caribbean Queen
    Laetitia Photography AB Poeticframe  MUAH Morgaan Dee Designer Moomal We had the privilege to work with the ecclesiastical being during Paris Fashion Week in October 2023. Extremely impressed by her humbleness… Read more: Caribbean Queen
  • Natural Elegance 
    René Lalique Visionary Designer Renowned as a master of Art Deco, René Lalique’s jewellery designs were deeply rooted in the essence of Art Nouveau. This transformative era celebrated fluid lines… Read more: Natural Elegance 
  • Devious December
    A Poetic Escapade  AB captures captivating Alexandra Okandzi ably HMUA supported by Lydia Ariyo Designer Karunas at Lazin Studio The month has comeand time is flyinganother year livedand gloriously dyingfrabjous… Read more: Devious December
  • Destiny
    Eleonora Kovalenko Model, Senior Editor Chosen hard roadnot many will takeTravellers, passers byadmirable pity to fakedestiny you decidedesert, oasis, lakescorching skin bakeTill another day ends
  • Rider
    Birgit Lechner Model, Horse Whisperer The moment of hopefreedom, joyis nearly upon us,Thus, leave mundane arcane, absolutely uselessfruitless, rootless chores,adore, beauty, charm,smiling, warm welcoming facestraces of good tidingshidden in wooden… Read more: Rider
  • Pièce de Résistance
    Paris Fashion Air Event October 2023 Paris Fashion Air is more than just a fashion show. It is a dynamic fashion platform that includes a range of events, from runway… Read more: Pièce de Résistance
  • Pinnacle
    Urban Impressions Yield Gallery Event “Urban Impressions,” hosted by Yield Gallery, currently showcases urban and contemporary art, uniting some of the genre’s most influential and inventive artists. The exhibition seeks… Read more: Pinnacle

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