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Welcome to a sizzling issue of Lazin Magazine. We have some amazing stories to tell, gorgeous images to show and some thoughts for your reflection.

Highlight of this issue 26 Eyes, an incredible show by talented artists supported by a wonderful organisation. 14 pages long read is devoted to them and we certainly hope you enjoy this as much as we have.


We welcome you to a late issue of May 2022. It has been extremely busy for us here in IXCEL with Maria and AB running with LOAV (please check out www,laov.uk initiative to be launched later this year. Then we have a new shared office being built from scratch by our team in London. Please accept our apologies for slight delay in responding to you and general tardiness on social media. We hope to go back to normal service by July. 

Our cover story is about Patrycja’s immense talent and how we have photographed three wonderful creative and ethical brands with ease. We hope you will enjoy these images and read their impressive stories.

Then we have 12 pages of incredible fashion, style and creative works at Taipei Fashion Week and we wish to specially thank Roxanne Chen of Dyelog to her coordination and continuous support,


Spring is around us, green fresh leaves on trees, blossoming flowers, mild temperature, sunny days absolutely lovely! Return of the positivity and hope is required among doom and gloom of atrocities and tragedy.

Our cover story is about Zest, excitement of the fascinating and gorgeous future we are embarking on soon for the Lazin Magazine. Exciting plans to have a much bigger presence in art and digital arena by end of this year supported by an exceptional team, one being in front of the camera and one behind it.

Then we extensively cover some talents actors, models, photographers, fashion designers, visual artists. We’ve also highlighted the plight of Ukrainian kids displaced by war by featuring Leon, our favourite kid model from the country.

Silent Screams

This issue is all about the wonderful art and artists who have toiled away while the pandemic was raging and produced some incredible visual treats for the rest of the mankind.

Our cover story is Silent Screams presenting art of Martin Werthmann displayed in all its solemn glory at the Art Dubai. AB our creative director was at the show and was absolutely mesmerised by the inherent contradiction of Martin’s work.

Then we extensively cover Escaping Realms a young and talented visual art show held in Islamabad and partly sponsored by us to encourage young artist globally. Any young talent reading, please get in touch with us as we love to promote recognised talent.