Ah, the sweet embrace of summer! As the sun graces us with its golden touch, it’s time to indulge in the art of storytelling. Our cover unfurls like a secret garden, revealing the captivating A.N.Porter — a writer, singer, songwriter, and actress—whose talents dance across the pages. Her latest book, beckons you into a thrilling world, with our exclusive feature, “Phantom Wedding,” invites you to a mesmerising journey.

May has graced us with its presence. Our globe-trotting team has been jet-setting to various corners of the world, seeking inspiration and capturing the essence of beauty from every culture.

Our cover star is none other than the vivacious beauty with brains to match – Lisa Suette. She travelled all the way from Geneva to Lazin Studios, where our talented photographers and videographers worked their magic. Adorned by the brilliant Morgan Dee, Lisa’s elegance and charisma radiate through every frame.


Happy Spring, Everyone! As the days grow longer and more pleasant, we invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of this season. The air is scented with the delicate fragrance of blooming flowers, and the world awakens in vibrant hues.
Our cover story for this month features the incomparable Anna Yudaeva, a fashion visionary whose creativity knows no bounds. Her Oscar Edition collection, a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and romantic allure, graces our pages.


Here is one of our favourite issues, it has been a delight to create this and adorn with so much talent.
Cover story is the culture phenomenon called Dune Part Two, the movie has resurrected cinema and visit to crowded places for enjoyment, it is beautifully gorgeous no expense spared better in every way done and we absolutely adore it. We are very grateful to the amazing event photography talent of Picture Capital and See Li for capturing the Dune II PR event for Lazin.

July 2024 Issue

Fashion – Art – Design – Photography

  • Phantom Wedding
    A.N.PORTER Writer, Actor, Model A.N.Porter, BA (Hons) Assoc CIPD is a London-based writer, singer, songwriter, and actress, She has attended St. Marylebone CofE School and renowned performing arts institutions such… Read more: Phantom Wedding
  • Sindhi Couture
    Moomal is a London-based sustainable fashion brand featuring the finest Ajrak block-printed textiles from Sindh, Pakistan. Employing natural dyes on cotton lawn, it ensures fair wages and ethical sourcing. Moomal melds traditional techniques with modern style, promoting eco-friendly practices and supporting local craftsmanship in its unique, culturally rich offerings.
  • Now
    Leila JayMusician, Designer, Model Leila Jay Returns Remember Leila, the muse who waltzed through our dreams? She graces our back cover, her hiatus now a distant echo. Fresh portraiture captures her… Read more: Now
  • Renew
    Lisa Suette Accelerator Physicist/Model ‘My story is a vivid reminder: never give up on your dreams, no matter how out of reach they may appear. Always find the courage to   … Read more: Renew
  • Know your Rights
    Angelina Jolie & Amnesty International Children Rights Book – Highly Recommended by Lazin Magazine Includes guide on what to do if pepper sprayed, arrested or sexually abused‘Know Your Rights and… Read more: Know your Rights
  • Anna Yudaeva Couture
    Fashion Designer Our cover story for this month features the incomparable Anna Yudaeva, a fashion visionary whose creativity knows no bounds. Her Oscar Edition collection, a harmonious blend of classic… Read more: Anna Yudaeva Couture
  • Fashion Art Fusion
    Kei London Fine Art Agency Kei London Presents: Art RunwayArt Runway redefines the art scene, breathing life into masterpieces as they strut down the catwalk, donned by art models. This… Read more: Fashion Art Fusion
  • Resonance
    Ruth Rose Cibwabwa Fashion Designer, Stylist, and Blogger Roseline Rose Couture: A name that resonates with sophistication and flair. Whether the sun graces the sky or raindrops dance upon your… Read more: Resonance
  • Resurrection
    Exclusive content on Dune Part Two Movie featuring Zendaya as Chani, Anya Taylor-Joy as Alia Atreides, Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides, Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan, Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck
  • Spiritual Art Fusion
    Renowned West London-raised artist Lisa East reflects her spiritual beliefs through organic, narrative art from her Wimbledon studio. Celebrated by the Saatchi Gallery, her mixed medium pieces, priced £5,000-£90,000, are commissioned globally, resonating aesthetically and spiritually with admirers.
  • TEM Time
    TEMRAZA Fashion Designer TEMRAZA, a beacon of Egyptian fashion excellence for the past 13 years, has firmly established itself as a dominant force in the industry, striving to place Egypt… Read more: TEM Time
  • South Asia Visual Art Focus
    Pakistani Visual Art Talent There were few beautiful exhibition of young and established creative visual art talent in Pakistan. In the Gallery below we discover some of them. This was… Read more: South Asia Visual Art Focus

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