Lazin Magazine – Couture Avenue – September 2021

The glorious summer ended and an Indian summer descended on London – we are having an extremely busy time with all of you giving us so much wonderful art, fashion and design to admire, to adore and to publish.

In this issue in our cover story Richard Smith has beautifully photographed another fabulous event —Brisbane Fashion Festival 2021 in the glorious surroundings of Brisbane City Hall with great designers, distinguished dignitaries and gorgeous models.

Now you must be thinking how about our own back yard in London, where the life is once again thriving, people have learned to live within the confines of pandemic a fulfilling life, do we have anything remarkable to share.

As usual the answer is a resounding yes, Lazin Magazine has exclusively collaborated with The Great British Garden Fashion Show and will be showcasing some global talent in the next few issues of the Magazine, extensive intricate designs of Miashan, Saba Asad and Iris Rose all photographed and curated by our very own AB.

Moomal was in the meantime working with us in Iceland and we have Ajraks in raw face of the nature— amidst volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers.

More creative talents and people in this amazing issue and we are busy preparing three more for this month alone. Keep your contributions coming :-).

Lazin Magazine – Simmering Summer – August 2021

Another great issue of Lazin magazine in simmering summer with Eleonora.

Inbetweeners are back with Terry sending us some extremely gorgeous models to showcase this month and next—the photography is breathtaking. We have a new sponsor from this month — IXCEL Events — Wonderful events people. And there is so so much more.

2021 | Lazin Magazine – Art Issue – Imperfection – August 2021

Welcome to our latest a-rt issue which has been sponsored by

We have first looked at “Rendering Routes” a powerful exhibition by three talented artists – Abdelrahim Farajallah, Toqeer Hilbi and Yamna Ghayoor’s – their splendid works are being exhibited online by – please visit their website

Instead of going through the impressive line up we have for this wonder art edition, we wish to highlight an important issue facing young artists today. While the overall sale of artwork by masters and recognised artists has improved after the Covid lows, young and emerging artists are suffering a great deal globally due to a continuous slump in the demand of new work.

We humbly request our wonderful readers and art patrons to support young artists by buying their work. Please encourage your social circles to do the same. This will immensely assist young and upcoming artists in keeping invested in their passion.

2021 | Lazin Magazine – Celebrating Carla Zampatti August 2021

Welcome to another great summer edition of Lazin celebrating Carla Zampatti the iconic Australian fashion designer. She had a wonderful life and our very own Richard Smith has covered the event in the glorious surroundings of Brisbane City Hall.

Then we properly introduce Claire (Qingwen) Huang’s beautiful fashion and wonderfully structured and executed photos, our deepest appreciation to all involved. Moomal collaboration continues with introduction of the beautiful prints in summer cotton lawn fabric. AB has done a great ad for Moomal which is on our Instagram and we are looking forward to more collaboration with the wonderful brand soon. We are showing you some Klimt inspired images from Russia and beautiful shades of sky on face and hands. Then we move to a Destination Love story by Adrian. And much much more – Buy Today…

2021 | Lazin Teen Tween, Kids Magazine – Future July 2021

Welcome to our first ever Lazin Teen, Tween and Kids Magazine.

Thank you to all of you, your kindness and attention, we adore you dear contributors and readers. With your effort it has been possible to issue a fourth edition this month.

This is a great issue with lovely photography and we have tried to keep closer to children—make it colourful, little bit silly , some toys and cute kids fashion to amuse you. We have taken utmost care around image selection and we hope you like the diversity and culture from whatever was available to us.

2021 | Lazin Magazine – Gorgeous Phoenix July 2021

Welcome to another great summer edition of Lazin with some creative beautiful talent. This is a creative director’s cut of our main July issue with an inspiring cover story.

We start this issue with Gorgeous Phoenix, story of a fabulous intellect with beauty to match Mademoiselle Emilie Ceccaldi not living too far away from us and based in Bastia, France who has risen above long term domestic violence and found her panacea in modelling. 

2021 | Lazin Magazine – Beyond the Path July 2021

Welcome to our special a-rt issue in collaboration with and their amazing exhibition ‘Beyond the Path’. We start this issue naturally with ‘Beyond the Path’ the new art exhibition showcasing some brilliant young visual artists from South Asia.

Then we focus on environment with Betty’s great messaging around Bees and swiftly discover Caroline Tomlinson’s lovely lines and beautiful colours. Seiger has provided us two projects discussing modern masculinity, metro sexuality and gender. The genius of AB showcases London in black and white, limited human dimensions in a social media crazed earth and some beautiful accompanying poetry.

Lazin Magazine – Summer Lustre – July 2021

60 Pages – It is hot, it is humid and we intend to make you sweat a little bit more as well. Welcome to our mid summer edition of Lazin with some sun, sea and swimwear. We start the sizzle with Summer Lustre headline feature from an amazing photography talent ’Lavina’, all the way from the heaven on earth – Bali Indonesia, showing us what great talent can do with few watermelons and a beautiful soul on a summer day. Rest you can read inside…

Lazin Magazine – Chameleons 52 June 2021

64 Pages – Welcome to a special issue of Lazin celebrating first birthday of our favourite life illustration establishment Drawing Cabaret Couture. Janet requested something wonderful and how can we say no to this creative genius and star performer or perhaps AB was more interested in free tickets to J’adore La Vie 🙂 – we are not certain but in any case ended up creating another wonderful issue for your enjoyment.

Lazin Magazine – The Gold Standard – June 2021

64 Pages – First Summer Issue – A wonderful collection of global fashion, art, design and photography talent, dedicated to everyone who works so hard to make their brands a success in a extremely ever increasing competitive world. Includes environment and sustainability themes, African Safari, Inbetween Models, how Gold is being used in make up industry and some amazing art and photography work complimented by beautiful poetry

Lazin Magazine Simplicity May 2021

60 pages, published 5/16/2021 Second Edition of May magazine – Creative Director Cut Published with some exciting new work and wonderful photography.

Lazin Magazine Escape May 2021

60 pages, published 5/6/2021 Time to celebrate beautiful fashion, gorgeous designs, nomadic travel and poetry in sixty pages.

Lazin Magazine – ART Edition May 2021

60 pages, published 4/29/2021 Lazin Magazine May 2021 ART Edition

A special edition for art lovers featuring exclusive look at new online exhibition by and creativity on steroids with some amazing art work created during a two hour live sketching session by Drawing Cabaret Couture. Then a Nostalgic look at Japanese culture and memories of Team Ozi. Enjoy 🙂


60 pages, published 4/10/2021 LAZIN MAGAZINE APRIL 2021 Fashion Art DesignTell Your Story in ImagesPrint – Web – Social MediaLondon based exquisite, exciting and entertaining magazine for fashion, art, design and photography.


64 pages, published 3/22/2021 LAZIN MAGAZINE FASHION WEEK EDITION SPRING 2021 – A wonderful collection of global fashion talent, dedicated to everyone who works so hard to make their brands a successful in a extremely ever increasing competitive world. Big Brands Nike, Toni & Guy, London Fashion Week establishment are part of this edition, along with Erdem, Accidental Cutting, Bemuette, Yuki Hashimoto, Moomal, A-rt.UK and many more.

LAZIN Magazine ETCH March 2021

64 pages, published 3/10/2021 Fashion Fast and LooseLondonPrint – Web – Social MediaLondon based exquisite, exciting and entertaining magazine for fashion, art an design. International team and London based. Submissions at


62 pages, published 2/24/2021 Lazin Magazine – An exciting, entertaining and exquisite magazine for fashion, art and design. Feb 2021 Layers

LAZIN Magazine Rekindling Hope Edition 2 January 2021

60 pages, published 2/1/2021 Lazin Magazine – Second edition of this exciting, exquisite and entertaining magazine, covering fashion, art and design. Enjoy!

LAZIN Magazine Rekindling Hope Jan 2021

60 pages, published 1/28/2021 LAZIN Magazine Rekindling Hope London January 2021 Edition1

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