Fashion Art Fusion

Kei London

Fine Art Agency

Kei London Presents: Art Runway
Art Runway redefines the art scene, breathing life into masterpieces as they strut down the catwalk, donned by art models. This dynamic approach offers attendees an intimate, moving experience of the art, contrasting traditional static displays. It allows for a closer, more personal engagement with each art piece.

This vibrant fusion of fashion and art transforms passive viewing into an interactive experience. The captivated by spectacle audience responds to each masterpiece, commanding attention and fostering personal connections and active engagement. Art Runway transcends traditional exhibitions, heralding a new era of art appreciation where every step celebrates creativity.

Kei London’s exclusive event at The Beauchamp in Knightsbridge on March 19, 2024, showcased the innovative Art Runway concept. Youyou Zhou took on the role of Production and Casting Director for the Art Runway, presenting featured works from artists such as Andrew Gow, Dangerosa, Fara Thomas and Claire McCarthy.

Stylist and Designer: TP
HMUA: Jieun Sung, Omar – Photography credits include Harrison Reid
Kei London – Uniting Creatives