Anna Yudaeva Couture

Fashion Designer

Our cover story for this month features the incomparable Anna Yudaeva, a fashion visionary whose creativity knows no bounds. Her Oscar Edition collection, a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and romantic allure, graces our pages. These exquisite evening gowns are more than mere fabric; they are works of art that demand admiration from discerning connoisseurs of elegance. The accompanying photoset, captured with a nostalgic nod to the 90s using a Polaroid camera effect, encapsulates the very essence of a timeless trend. Each frame whispers secrets of glamour, evoking memories of iconic moments in fashion history.

The theme of the Hollywood awards ceremony was chosen by the designer to recreate the sense of excitement and genuine interest in cinematography and the diversity of characters   portrayed by actors in films. Just as the golden Oscar statuette has its unique code number, each dress in the collection is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The grandeur of exquisite fabrics chosen for each garment is complemented by asymmetrical cuts and the presence of delicate accent drapery with a bead sprinkle, creating a maximum three-dimensional effect.

In developing the collection, along with the use of straight lines symbolizing firmness and modernism in art, the designer applied a curved S-shaped line, known as the beauty line, which bestows refinement, charm, and harmonisation.

With the Oscar Edition collection its designer seeks to emphasize the important role of women in modern     society—and these dresses are a handmade manifesto of their beauty, femininity, extravagance and perfection.

Fashion Designer: Anna Iudaieva Stylist: Olena Skradina Editor: Eleonora Kovalenko Photographer: Olena Vozmitel

Campaign Photographer: Sergii Kovbasyuk Beauty: Moruga Natalya Fashion Producer & Style : Kirill Savchenko n1buro | fashion production