Sindhi Couture


Sustainable Fashion, London

Beautiful Soft Cotton Lawn Textiles

World’s Best Ajraks made in Sindh – on Finest Cotton Fabrics Natural Dyes, Fair Wages, Ethically Resourced

Moomal is a brand that celebrates the rich heritage and culture of Sindh, a province in Pakistan, through its exquisite fabrics and designs. Moomal uses traditional techniques such as Ajrak, a block-printing method that uses natural dyes and geometric patterns, and Ralee, a patchwork art that creates colourful and intricate quilts. Moomal also offers Cotton Lawn, a lightweight and breathable fabric that is perfect for summer, and Sindhi Scarf, a long scarf that features floral motifs and sequins. Moomal’s style is a fusion of modern and classic, blending contemporary cuts and colours with ancient craftsmanship and symbolism. Moomal’s textiles are not only beautiful, but also sustainable, as they are made from natural fibres, use minimal water and energy, and support local artisans and communities.