Woollen Dreams

Clara Pinto

Fashion Designer

Our creative partners DCC recently invited us to a beautiful show during London Art and Craft week by Clara Pinto who a London-based ready-to-wear fashion designer. Aiming to produce clothes that highlight intricate experimental textiles, Clara works with non-traditional materials such as bioplastics, raw wool and hair. Wool is her most valued resource and with every season, she introduces new breeds from all over the world to contribute quality, various exciting textures and a beautiful range of shades. With the use of natural dyes, different felting techniques and specific embroidery stitches, wool is shaped in unexpected exciting forms to create irreplicable patterns for the collections. CLARA PINTO care about Longevity. By openly showing her methods of production, material sourcing and the time taken to construct a piece, she hopes to encourage her clients to cherish and preserve the garments – extending their lifespan and contributing to a conscious way of consuming. After graduating with a BA in Fashion and Textiles, Clara worked several years in luxury fashion houses before setting up her own label. In 2019 she went on to become an artist in residence at Sarabande, the Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation.

Clara’s show was a creativity blast including some amazing jewellery from Sara, and hair and make up done to perfection by lovely Scott and Martha. This was our first coverage of a London Craft Week event which aims to brings together established and emerging makers, designers, brands and galleries from around the world. A curated selection based not on price or fame, but underlying substance. Plus, that essential dash of magic and inspiration that separates great from good.

Photos: AB and MC for Lazin Magazine, Designer: Clara Pinto, Jewellery: Sara Chyan,

Set Design: Kamola Askarova, Harry Hawkins, Lighting: Catalina Joy,

Choreography: Eldina Munatay, Hair: Scott Scjn Starrenburg  of Unlabeld, MUA: Martha Inoue 

Creative Direction Isabella Innocenzi, Ana Belen, Styling: Magalí Fedele