Kindest Mischief

Rahel Baek


My starting point is Rahel’s double life, ever since I was young, my parents wanted me to be a quiet and well-mannered woman, and on the outside, I pretended to be a kind and polite daughter, but deep within me, there was a mischievous child that always
stimulated me and made me parched. I enjoyed being naughty and in fooling around in places where my parents could not
see me, and I had to make sure that I wasn’t caught. My parents’ expectation of hoping that I would grow up as a kind child gradually pressured me even further, and I gained delight fooling around in unseen places without my parents knowing about it. I enjoyed playing practical jokes on people in hidden places such as “sticking gum on people’s shoes and clothes, poking holes on mom’s stockings without her knowing it, messing around in grandmother’s favorite garden, and blaming a dog for it,” but I had to hide the mischievous child perfectly and live a double life where people saw me as a quiet and kind child. For my graduation collection, I wanted to be honest to myself and introduce real Rahel to everyone.

Production Drawing Cabaret Couture Location – DCC Studios Designer- Rahel Baek Set Design Matthew Lawrence Photography – Marie Sutter Model – Janet Mayer