MIASHAN is a British Luxury Couture fashion brand founded 2017. There are three elements that fuse the brand together; Ladies Couture, Mia’s Secret Garden and Shana’s Winter Wardrobe. All designs are original and manufactured within the UK.

The shoe line coming out soon, are handmade and manufactured in Italy and the UAE.

Photography: Mars Washington Fashion Designer: Miashan
Production: Drawing Cabaret Couture at DCC Studio
Set Design: Matt Lawrence Model: Gemma Huh
Artworks: Anna Huang, Betty Southerland, Cindy Mauchi, Claire Jones, Emanuela Mae Agrini, Felicity Cormack, Jacqueline Bissett, Jean Warner, Karen Yan, Louise Boughton, Marguerite Cass, Nina Hudelmaier, Rogner 5th, Sonja Llamas, Taryn Lee, Yann Mallard