Fashion Reality

The Artisan Way

Reality Show

from Masters’ Hands to People’s Hearts

 by Becky Mullins & Russ Ev

In a world full of fashion reality shows, where designers often compete to win, why do we need to keep fighting? We’re all unique in our own ways, and experts’ opinions shouldn’t define us. It’s about liking a designer’s ideas or picking something that really speaks to you. That’s why The Artisan Way Reality Show is special. The initial scenes will be captured on the streets of Paris during Paris Fashion Week, promising a blend of romance, beauty, and captivating fashion. Every designer dreams of Paris Fashion Week. It’s like the ultimate goal for many creative people. As Becky Mullins, the co-producer of the show, says, “Starting the pilot in Paris makes sense. We’ll show the fancy side of fashion before we go to other places where the real creating happens.” With Russ Ev as the co-host, the team of fashion enthusiasts will set off on this exciting adventure. They’ll travel to far-off places to uncover the heart of traditional craftsmanship and diverse cultures. From Colombia, Brazil, and Indonesia to Kazakhstan, India, and beyond, the show is bound to unveil incredible stories. Let’s wish them the best as they bring this inspiring series to life. way possible!