Star dust

Leila Jay

Model London

My beloved North Star,
so near, yet so far
gates of heaven
awaiting redemption
or resumption of cruelty
called longing, until eternity
A Perspective on Life, the Universe and Everything

Ashes suggest a burning desire
My heart wishes, it aspires
To come near you, endear you
Potency of my passion
Affection, compassion
You want to be near, yet not so close
fear of destruction, everything you lose
You know my nature, whatever I crave
Nothing survives, nothing stays
A Perspective on Life, the Universe and Everything


I lost again
In the wilderness
of affection
no satisfaction
for this soul
Was it love
lust, trust
or just a game
Unable to discern
impaired vision
sense of touch,
all feel the same
Is it I, her, they
to blame
negligent judgement
all look the same

The way found
is not sound
a mere mirage
fake visage

Broken promises
and I,
bound till eternity
I know not why?