In the Wings


Fashion Designer

Erdem is at the ballet; specifically, in the wings, that liminal space between onstage and offstage, observing dancers criss-crossing over the mental and physical threshold to perform, moving from private to public and back again in a beat, a breath and the stretching or tensing of a limb.

The collection explores these particular juxtapositions of performance and rest, age and expectation, formal costume and informal clothing, variously combined and intertwined.

Nipped in tailored suits and coats bring the ballet mistress to mind. Elsewhere dresses are cut in an open way as to appear pulled over another garment, or falling off.

The seminal designs of Frederik Ashton are referenced in dresses with oversized jewelled embellishments of scale.

For Erdem
Models: Bibi Abdul Kadir, Morgan Fernandez, Lily Mcmenamy, Akuol Deng Atem
Make up: Jane Richardson using Nars Cosmetics
Hair: Ahmed Reed
Photography: Jason Lloyd Evans, Ina Lekiewicz