This is the way

Lupe Gajardo
Santiago, Chile

The inspiration for this collection is to embrace the new way of  living driven by the latest world challenges. This new way of living  has become a means to change our old ways and appreciate many  previous overlooked aspects.

Luxury textiles has been used to create loose silhouettes, bringing together maximum comfort and freedom of movement, resulting in pieces that delight all senses

The technical area becomes a source of inspiration itself as a result of the maturation and priority devoted to experimental pattern – zero-waste

“This entire collection (except for 2 garments), is made  from a rectangle or a square. Each piece uses the entire textile cloth  (100%) leaving zero waste in its cutting and tailoring process.

Photography: Patricio Roldán Home and Decor: Grez Cortés and Sara Cortés Models: Helen Gon, Martin, Ignacia Eyewear: RetroVision