The Hourglass

IA London

What would you do
If you had only three minutes?
The Hourglass is ticking.
One minute to kiss the child,
One minute to sip coffee,
One minute not to finish the drawing.

The pandemic made us reconsider the crucial things in life and what we choose to spend our time on. IA London’s Fall 2021 “Hourglass” sharpens this reconsideration by limiting the time to “as long as the Hourglass is ticking”.

Talent | Janet Mayer / Drawing Cabaret Couture
Set Design | Matthew Lawrence / Drawing Cabaret Couture
Makeup artist | Lan Nguyen Grealis, lanslondon Using Facelace
Hair artist | Efi Davies, International Artistic Director TONI&GUY
Photographer | Matt Leeves Assistant photographer | Zadel Jan Zavrel
Fashion, art and video direction | IA London