Bedazzling Brisbane

Reporting and Photography by Richard Smith

Astille – Rachel Burke – Camargue – Carla Zampatti – Gail Sorronda – Gina Kim – Ginger & Smart – Akheel- Sonia Stradiotto – Sacha Drake – Shilo Lydia

Brisbane came alive from August 21-25, basking in the shimmering spotlight of the 2023 Brisbane Fashion Festival. Over three mesmerising nights, the event paraded a tantalizing array of designs, embracing Queensland’s charm, Australia’s finesse, and international flair.

The Star Brisbane fashion show unfurled as a perfect canvas, drawing leading designers and retailers from every corner. Their genius was evident as they unveiled their masterpieces, enriching Brisbane’s fashion legacy.

For five consecutive days, the festival throbbed with creativity, featuring an ensemble of renowned designers, rising stars, and cherished local talent. Richard Smith, photographer for Lazin, was present, lens in hand, immortalising every captivating moment. “The Brisbane Fashion Festival was an embodiment of elegance. Three nights where crème de la crème designers, both local and global, exhibited their art,” Richard shared. “Each evening, the festival transformed into a glittering fashion haven, much to the audience’s delight.”

The grandeur kicked off with The Star Brisbane Fashion Show on opening night, spotlighting fashion luminaries such as Gail Sorronda, Love Bonfire The Label, Ginger & Smart, UNE PIECE, and many more.
Midweek, the Hancock Prospecting Next Gen Group Show unveiled a treasure trove of avant-garde designs, signalling the dawn of a new fashion era. This event is always a magnet for young fashion enthusiasts and industry stalwarts eager to glimpse the innovative and diverse craftsmanship of Queensland’s emerging designers. Among those who stole the show were Rachel Burke, YLD Design, Balaquin, Mannzilo, KG BOLD, and others.

Culminating the festival, the Designer Group Show unfurled against the majestic backdrop
of Brisbane City Hall. It celebrated the state’s iconic designers and retailers, with names like Sonia Stradiotto, ShiloLydia, Astille, and Gina Kim, leaving the audience spellbound with their breathtaking ensembles.

The 2023 Brisbane Fashion Festival wasn’t just an event – it was a dazzling journey, an unforgettable spectacle of fashion’s finest.


Photography and Copy: Richard Smith

Designers: Astille, Akheel, Rachel Burke,

Carla Zampatti, Camargue, Gail Sorronda, Gina Kim

Ginger & Smart, Sonia Stradiotto, Sacha Drake, Queens Plaza, Shilo Lydia, Kelvin Grove State College Students – Emma, Tayla, Evangeline, Sabina, Fashion Teacher Paula Trotte

Models: Lily Rendall, Loli Watson, Brooke Lawrie, Sene Maluwapi, Coco Chen, Chelsea Moody, Tara Goddard, Jett Kenny, Bronte Thompson, Juliette Russo