Lavishly appointed


Uniqueness, style and excellence are clear adjectives when looking at the designs. From long warm days by the pool; to romantic dinners, Lavishly Appointed is a great choice for an eye-catching, unique look, worldwide. The brand is special not only for designs, but also its purpose.

The brand is proud of the handmade embroideries from the hands of strong women in the south of Serbia; the artisan’s work is a reflection of what the brand stands for real women’s success, improvement, and visibility.

Lavishly Appointed is also engaged in environmental causes: when you purchase products from the GOLDFISH line, 20% of the sales goes to non-profitable institutions that focus their work on ocean wildlife preservation and sea life and reduction of plastic pollution.

Mary Radenkovic is the creative designer and CEO of British luxury resort wear, Lavishly Appointed. Born in the Mediterranean, the beachside is a familiar place and inspiration for Mary’s lifestyle

“I try to bring uniqueness, recognizable style through my design. I insist on quality and new approaches to fashion and presentations” – Mary Radenkovic