Reminiscing Rio

Brazil – Travel

While we are all firmly in our homes sitting waiting for restrictions to ease, vaccinations to take effect and life to resume, here are few images from the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. We hope the city and Brazil as a country, comes of out of this pandemic strong and full of energy.

Here are some of the things to keep our memories fresh of the city until we see it again soon. 

Heavenly bodies, Beach buffs
Few places can be rough
Football and Futebally,
Sweet corn, ice lollies

miles long beautiful beaches
Not many religious preachers
Sugar loaf mountain
Beautiful fountains

Christ the redeemer
Mercedes and beamers
City flush with cash
Rich and poor clash
Centro, Lapa Furo
Today or tomorrow
Dancing to the tune
Carefree and immune

Favelas cramped, traffic jams
Carriocas their qualms
Living in the paradise
What is your apartment size

Locating towel on the beach
What tricks can you teach
How far can you swim
A city on a whim, unmissable