Exquisite Vertices

Teótimo Rodríguez Hermoso

Architect, Spain

It is evident that the conception of   luxury today has changed, so now the layout of the spaces and the experiences lived in them are much more valued, seeking that they are capable of  responding to the diversity of the desires of their future occupants. This is the work philosophy of Teótimo Rodríguez and this is the mark that he leaves on his works.

The work of the architect focuses on luxury architecture. During his solid 40-year career, he has carried out projects of all kinds, from residential buildings to five-star hotels, with his current work focusing on the design and promotion of luxury Villas.

His professional activity seeks to create spaces with a high degree of sophistication and refinement, paying special attention to details, the most noble materials and the desires and comfort of his clients, users of said space. He always maintains his own style in his work, the result of simple, purist and contemporary lines, impregnated with the landscape.

His future projection is ambitious. To continue carrying out projects on the islands and abroad and to continue developing prototypes as a didactic and professional exercise are some of its goals, in addition to expanding through virtual platforms such as Instagram.

One of the most recent are the Spa and the luxury villas of the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque, in the south of Tenerife. An ecological project with open roofs, pergolas, controlled openings, juxtaposed volumes adapting to the topography and participating in the landscape. villas that are already a solid benchmark of the most exquisite luxury.