Hand of a god 

Alessandro Isola

Designer, London

Ale, as we fondly call him, is an award winning and internationally renowned multidisciplinary designer.

‘I find inspiration in the small things of daily life. They can be random, unnoticed or even annoying, yet powerful enough to create interactions between us and feed my imagination.’

Ale’s designs are informed by movement. Movement can be dynamic, where the end user will engage with the object in unexpected ways. It can be a movement frozen in time capturing an unconscious gesture. He seeks to challenge the way things are and then designs always something unexpected and surprising, that draws a smile to people’s faces.

A big source of inspiration are his clients and people who work with him – the design team, craftspersons, production and management team. Conversing with them and exchanging ideas elevate the projects to another level by bringing in different skills, highlighting different points of view and cultural references.

For much of his production, Alessandro returns to his native Italy to source true independent craftsmen, that over generations have perfected a particular craft technique. This bygone artisan know-how and timeless quality is sensitively paired with latter-day advancements in technology, to turn ideas into reality.

Ale’s work has been awarded, exhibited, and published internationally including the Building Design Magazine, Financial Times, Vogue, Wired amongst many others.