Mr Controversial

Visual Artist

Mr Controversial has been mentioned as the “one to watch” when it comes to rising artistic talent in the UK. He is hot off the back of multiple sell-out exhibitions and collections and has amassed a solid collector base that includes established collectors and a few well-known celebrities. Early on in his artistic career he raised eyebrows and quickly became known for his twist of vintage pulp imagery with funny, relatable captions. Most recently, the artist has been working on his new typographical oil paintings which are equally as bold, witty and riddled with truisms that we can all relate to. Due to the sharable nature of his work, it often goes viral and he aims to hit the sweet spot between social media viral content and contemporary fine art. From his new collection, you can expect oil paintings with deep textures, vibrant colours satirical messages which the artist will be releasing through a handful of entrusted selected galleries globally.

All photography and artworks courtesy of Mr Controversial – PR WeAreFEP