Civilisation of Love

Caludia Wang

Fashion Designer

Claudia Wang uses art, fashion and technology to create a playful union between mediums, inspire creativity, and push boundaries of what fashion can achieve. This collection focuses on breaking away from traditional conceptions of body image through the use of bold patterns and a vibrant colour palette, while also looking to create a narrative of love for millennials which dates back to the innocence of childhood in the 90s, at the beginning of widespread internet culture, to the present day where technology can be used in innovative ways to spread love and acceptance.

Inspired by the era of dial-up internet access, Wang’s garments are emblazoned with dots, hand-painted expressions of love and strangely shaped flowers, reminiscent of a y2k aesthetic which for millennials, represents a time of childish innocence and a curious heart. The silhouettes used follow classical geometric shapes, which are set against the brand’s classic check pattern, comprised of pink, dark gray, royal blue and khaki. These playful designs and garish colours are used in order to escape the boundaries of the traditionally prescriptive clothing shapes.

Wang has employed design motifs and the idea of millennial nostalgia to incite feelings of love and reminiscence
from the brand’s millennial audience with this collection while also incorporating themes of body inclusivity,
diversity, and sustainability.

All images courtesy of Caludia Wang and their PR in London – DyeLog