Ascot Fashion – Saris and Beyond

beautifully narrated by PLAy
Last year, a remarkable movement at Ascot Races of hundreds of Indian ladies made a bold statement by proudly donning saris instead of the usual hats and dresses. This celebration of cultural diversity in fashion created a refreshing change, inspiring others to embrace their unique styles. Moreover, the initiative, led by Aruna Chopra aimed to support small sari-weaving villages in India, contributing to their traditional craftsmanship and empowering local communities. As the upcoming Ascot season approaches, we reflect on the impact of last year’s sari movement, anticipating another season of fashion that transcends boundaries and embraces cultural expression.

British designers do an exclusive Roval Ascot collection, and so is London-based couturier Omar Mansoor who is dressing Royalties and patrons at the annual event since 2009 This year Omar mused Mrs UK World Leen Clive and made a collection with cowl necks in shades of Lilac, Blue and Ivory. Crafted from Sustainable fabrics, this collection is made of charmeuse, crepe and dull silks. Muse/Model: Leen Clive Location: Carlton Towers Yorkshire Photography: Darryl Brooks Millinery: Elena Shvab