Birgit Lechner

Model, Horse Whisperer

The moment of hope
freedom, joy
is nearly upon us,
Thus, leave mundane

arcane, absolutely useless
fruitless, rootless chores,
adore, beauty, charm,
smiling, warm

welcoming faces
traces of good tidings
hidden in wooden horses
riding on pure luck

fate will go,
bit by bit, easy on you
just show destiny the courage
and stay the course

move with gusto, force,
bring back enthusiasm of
past gone era,
one you have lost in improbable

chase of glory and greed
go back to that time
when world was all green
bright and preened

from all the doom and gloom
create a plan, build a barn
loom cotton yarn, anything
which allows removal of doubt

create once again
that belief in self,
not clout of some,

who declare,
write in flares,

warnings abound

Don’t go around

testing heights,
that can be reached,
their grip breached
giving them fright,

that their Reign,
gold adorned lanes
have no attraction,
lost its traction
to brave ones,

the hour, mighty moment is upon us
rise we shall, wise will mull
for centuries to come, of today
with their all encompassing

hindsight lens
to what does not make sense
and still marvel at our victorious
at some time laborious march,

to liberation, salvation,
end of tyranny,
Raise your voices to
Long last mutiny!

with few flickering lights,
a desire to fight,
to get back our rights
our freedom, our sight
and our hope