Lazin Magazine – New Frontiers – January 2022 (Digital PDF)



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60 Pages PDF – Digital – Lazin Magazine – New Frontiers – January 2022

New Year is here and it is already few weeks old. Time flies!

We are embarking on a new journey keeping the great things we have accomplished and then expanding on our successes and then be bold and venture further into more exciting areas.

In this issue in our cover story we introduce Benjamin and his music, this is our first male cover and we are very pleased to give this to wonderful artist from down under. Very versatile and extremely talented and focussed.

DCC has adorned these pages with some great new designers. They provided us such good material that we had to keep few beautiful nuggets for February issue.

Then we have some beautiful photography from all across the globe which needs to be greatly appreciated and admired. More creative talents and people in this amazing issue and we look forward to present to you a great issue in February :-).


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