Calcaterra, Fashion Designer, Milan

Alexander Pierce Zeta Photography

The new CALCATERRA collection for fall-winter 2022/23 is inspired by the solar eclipse, with its slow and mysterious movements of shadow and light. The collection explores the contrast and harmony between shadow and light, creating innovative silhouettes and proportions that redefine the anatomy of the body.

The fabrics used in the collection are a mix of raw wool, technical duchesse satin, tone-on-tone jacquards and macro floral fil coupé, creating a rich and sophisticated texture that reflects the different phases of the eclipse. The colour palette is dominated by shades of black, blue, brown and gray, occasionally interrupted by pure lunar white. The result is a collection that combines art and physical dynamism, expressing the vision and talent of Calcaterra.

All Images courtesy Alexander Pierce Zeta Photography

Alex is a freelance photographer & Artist/Creative Director who mostly photograph fashion, beauty/portraits but enjoy shooting other types genres. He enjoys telling stories and create images using a fusion of commercialism and artsy for Editorials.