Drama Queen

Beril Oktem

Fashion Designer

‘As a designer, I am constantly striving to create the perfect balance between structure and drama while infusing a touch of romance into each piece to bring together the unexpected. It is a curious exploration that constantly drives me to push the boundaries of conventional fashion and seek new horizons in design. This curiosity led me to experiment with unconventional fabric combinations, such as leather and satin. My designs are not only meant to adorn the body but also to tell a story. Each piece is meticulously crafted to evoke emotion and ignite the imagination, allowing the wearer and/or audience to step into a world where seriousness and fun coexist harmoniously. My biggest influence and muse has always been my mother, who is a businesswoman. Growing up around her, I was able to develop a keen eye for mixing seriousness and fun, and finding the perfect balance between the two. Just like the sound of heels and laughter, my aesthetic aims to capture the perfect blend of professionalism and playfulness. This exquisite blend of professionalism and playfulness that has become the essence of my aesthetic.’

Production & Location- Drawing Cabaret Couture at DCC Studios Photographer: Stefano Della Salda Designs by Beril Oktem Model: Natasha Lilly Trigg Set Design: Matthew Lawrence