Lazin Magazine Escape May 2021 – Digital Edition




Our art edition few days ago was a massive success thanks to all the wonderfully talented people who participated.

Now it is time to celebrate  beautiful fashion, gorgeous designs, nomadic travel and poetry in the next sixty pages..

First we discover a luxury escape in Mexico run by a Diva who knows Monsiuer De Niro on a first name basis for decades. The place is decadent and loves to spoil you so we should be heading there soon once pandemic abates and travel restrictions ease – btw this was one of my dystopian novel line I never thought I would use in real life.

Secondly we show you some amazing, fabulous, gorgeous photographers, models, make up artists, dancers practically from each continent and in  every colour, shape and size.

Then we discover art of black and white photography with Shin a Japanese travelling photographer this time showing some wonderful images from Mongolia and Nepal.

Finally running with the theme of escape we share some wonderful words from our inhouse poet and maestro  with some lovely photography reflecting the same. We hope you enjoy browsing through it as we surely loved making it.


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