Lazin Magazine – Summer Lustre – July 2021





It is hot, it is humid and we intend to make you sweat a little bit more as well. Welcome to our mid summer edition of Lazin with some sun, sea and swimwear.

We start the sizzle with Summer Lustre headline feature from an amazing photography talent ’Lavina’, all the way from the heaven on earth – Bali Indonesia, showing us what great talent can do with few watermelons and a beautiful soul on a summer day.

Then we get extremely nostalgic with Richard taking us to an era where there was no internet and cool and hip people were really cool and hip in real life as social media make belief did not exist. Imran Baig then entice us with Zara Jahan and some incredible Jewellery. We have put some romantic and fatalistic Urdu & Punjabi poetry to keep it interesting.

The the fashion crew turns up from Alaska, London, Greece and Paris. Some exceptional Makeup talent from India, then we tease you with Laura’s brief appearance (we promise a full feature soon). We have architectural genius of Teotimo and iconic style of LV to keep you going and the grand finale with photography and poetic genius of AB,

Looking ahead we are issuing a Kids special and an Art special in late July. We surely have a packed summer for all of us so don’t leave without us as we are great beach read.

July 2021



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