Lazin Magazine – Beyond the Path July 2021 (Digital PDF)



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60 Pages PDF – Digital – Lazin Magazine – Beyond the Path July 2021

Welcome to our special a-rt issue in collaboration with and their amazing exhibition ‘Beyond the Path’.

We start this issue naturally with ‘Beyond the Path’ the new art exhibition showcasing some brilliant young visual artists from South Asia.

Then we focus on environment with Betty’s great messaging around Bees and swiftly discover Caroline Tomlinson’s lovely lines and beautiful colours.

Seiger has provided us two projects discussing modern masculinity, metro sexuality and gender. The genius of AB showcases London in black and white, limited human dimensions in a social media crazed earth and some beautiful accompanying poetry.

We have also lined up some eyes pleasing works from the masters – Degas, Renoir and Monet. Abd also gives us a taste of freedom from eyes of a smiling young face. A preview of upcoming issues follows while highlighting some great photography and fashion from Moomal.


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