Lazin Magazine – Art and Fashion – October 2021 (Digital PDF)



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60 Pages PDF – Digital – Lazin Magazine – ART & Fashion – October 2021

After Fashion Forever here is a gorgeous art and fashion mix with DCC inspired art, design and photography lavishly featured throughout the issue. Janet, Matt & Co at DCC supported by global Fashion Illustration community runs wild in this edition with beautiful designers, sets and photography.

In our cover story Lazin Magazine has exclusively collaborated with The Great British Garden Fashion Show and will be showcasing some global talent with extensive intricate designs of Miashan and Saba Asad photographed and beautifully curated by our very own AB.

Then we reexplore Richard Smith beautiful photography in a fabulous event — Brisbane
Fashion Festival 2021 in the glorious surroundings of Brisbane City Hall with great designers, distinguished dignitaries and gorgeous models.

Moomal was in the meantime working with us in Iceland and we have Ajraks in raw face of the nature — amidst volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers.


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