Magical Muscat

Magnificent Oman


Oman, those of you still unaware of this gem in the desert, is a country on the south-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia and the oldest independent state in the Arab world. Enough about the geography lesson, the reason we wish to virtually visit Oman and its magical capital Muscat is due to its friendly most humble people, gorgeous landscape and authentic culture. This is not a fancy, billionaires’ backyard but a beautiful specimen of human coexistence in harmony.

Mutrah Souq retains the chaotic interest of a traditional Arab market albeit housed under modern timber roofing. Shops sell artefacts, textiles, jewellery and antiques. It is a treasure town for the keen photographers. Genuine hospitality of people allows you to find street photography gold at every corner and every turn.

Oman’s highest mountain, Jebel Shams (Mountain of the Sun; 3009m), is best known not for its peak but for the view into the spectacularly deep Wadi Ghul lying alongside it. The straight-sided Wadi Ghul is known locally as the Grand Canyon of Arabia, as it fissures abruptly between the flat canyon rims, exposing vertical cliffs of 1000m and more.

Wadi Ghul has some interesting folklore attached to it and we love to tell you about it but realising Lazin is a place where fewer words are better, perhaps another time, soon 🙂