Moonlight Spirals Upward

Tao Tesi

Multi talented Creative and Photographer

Tao tesi, from Shanghai, China. graduated from China Academy of Art in visual communication Design. He is a fashion photographer, art director and installation artist.

The project was inspired by Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor, known as the Moonlight Sonata. This piece is divided into three movements, the first movement, continuous adagio, for the form of sonata fantasy, improvisational soft lyric.

The second movement,   Allegro, takes a very brisk rhythm, short but beautiful melody in sharp contrast to the first movement. The third movement, the excited rush, the storm like melody is full of anger.

“Moonlight Spirals Upward” expresses my very subjective and personal feelings about the sonata, symbolizing  abstract feelings. I sometimes feel that notes, like images, have light,   shadow, color and mood, and the scale may correspond to the scale or the relationship between black and white.

Concept and Photography: Tao Tesi – Make up/Hair: Jaye – Model: Yang yuzhe – Brands: Ancient Future、Xiangqiao Sheng、Douglaz、 Provoka、Liaoyi – Light: Leoninc – Assistant: Hua Cai