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We are the Future

Welcome to our first ever Lazin Teen, Tween and Kids Magazine.

Thank you to all of you, your kindness and attention, we adore you dear contributors and readers. With your effort it has been possible to issue a fourth edition this month.

This is a great issue with lovely photography and we have tried to keep it closer to children—make it colourful, little bit silly , some toys and cute kids fashion to amuse you. We have taken utmost care around image selection and we hope you like the diversity and culture from whatever was available to us.

Gorgeous Phoenix

Welcome to another great summer edition of Lazin with some creative beautiful talent. This is a creative director’s cut of our main July issue with an inspiring cover story.

We start this issue with Gorgeous Phoenix, story of a fabulous intellect with beauty to match Mademoiselle Emilie Ceccaldi not living too far away from us and based in Bastia, France who has risen above long term domestic violence and found her panacea in modelling.

Beyond the Path

Welcome to our special a-rt issue in collaboration with a-rt.uk and their amazing exhibition ‘Beyond the Path’.

We start this issue naturally with ‘Beyond the Path’ the new art exhibition showcasing some brilliant young visual artists from South Asia.

Then we focus on environment with Betty’s great messaging around Bees and swiftly discover Caroline Tomlinson’s lovely lines and beautiful colours.

Seiger has provided us two projects discussing modern masculinity, metro sexuality and gender. The genius of AB showcases London in black and white, limited human dimensions in a social media crazed earth and some beautiful accompanying poetry.

Summer Lustre

It is hot, it is humid and we intend to make you sweat a little bit more as well. Welcome to our mid summer edition of Lazin with some sun, sea and swimwear.

We start the sizzle with Summer Lustre headline feature from an amazing photography talent ’Lavina’, all the way from the heaven on earth – Bali Indonesia, showing us what great talent can do with few watermelons and a beautiful soul on a summer day.

Then we get extremely nostalgic with Richard taking us to an era where there was no internet and cool and hip people were really cool and hip in real life as social media make belief did not exist. Imran Baig then entice us with Zara Jahan and some incredible Jewellery. We have put some romantic and fatalistic Urdu & Punjabi poetry to keep it interesting.