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Art & Fashion

After Fashion Forever here is a gorgeous art and fashion mix with DCC inspired art, design and photography lavishly featured throughout the issue. Janet, Matt & Co at DCC supported by global Fashion Illustration community runs wild in this edition with beautiful designers, sets and photography.

In our cover story Lazin Magazine has exclusively collaborated with The Great British Garden Fashion Show and will be showcasing some global talent with extensive intricate designs of Miashan and Saba Asad photographed and beautifully curated by our very own AB.

Fashion Forever

2021 is in its last quarter, autumn colours all around us, the air is slightly chilly and London is moving indoors.

Last few weeks were very exciting, with some excellent fashion week coverage in the issue.

The cover shows an a beautiful ageless lady sitting in a roadside café in London enjoying her Sunday. She has a perfect portraiture face and certainly it is privilege to show her on our cover.

In this issue we have worldwide fashion week mania reaching feverish pitch. We start the proceeding with IA London, reflecting traditional Japanese culture with modern European connotation, accentuation and influence. Karina, young and super talented, fashion diva is our next stop, then we move to some diverse and inclusive events with London Represents.

Couture Avenue

The glorious summer ended and an Indian summer descended on London – we are having an extremely busy time with all of you giving us so much wonderful art, fashion and design to admire, to adore and to publish.

In this issue in our cover story Richard Smith has beautifully photographed another fabulous event —Brisbane Fashion Festival 2021 in the glorious surroundings of Brisbane City Hall with great designers, distinguished dignitaries and gorgeous models.

Simmering Summer

Another great issue of Lazin magazine in simmering summer with Eleonora.

Inbetweeners are back with Terry sending us some extremely gorgeous models to showcase this month and next—the photography is breathtaking. We have a new sponsor from this month — IXCEL Events — Wonderful events people. And there is so so much more.